Processing and mechanical properties of precision casting manufacturer

by:XEX     2020-10-24
Manufacturer of precision casting processing industry friends know, higher than that of cast iron, on the mechanical properties of the stainless steel casting processing but stainless steel casting processing stainless steel casting processing performance worse than cast iron, belongs to the casting of stainless steel casting and precision processing of stainless steel casting processing name. Stainless steel casting processing relatively high melting point, molten steel easily oxidation, molten steel illiquid, good contractility, actually from set out actually, stainless steel casting processing is not only applicable to various types and various alloy processing. Precision casting factory processing a, stainless steel casting on the mechanical properties of the processing characteristics of the first steel is due to poor liquidity, we must prevent cast steel cooling and pouring enough, casting wall thickness is not less than 8 mm; Gating system has simple structure, cross section size is greater than the cast iron; Use dry or hot mould; Properly increasing pouring temperature, average of 1520 ° ~ 1600 ℃, due to their high pouring temperature, molten steel heat large, keep the liquid for a long time, liquidity can be improved. But the pouring temperature is too high, will cause the coarse grain, cracking, pores and defects such as sand. So generally small, thin wall complex casting shape, pouring temperature of about steel melting point + 150 ℃; Casting casting temperature than stainless steel casting processing melting point at about 100 ℃ or so. In order to prevent the precision casting factory product shrinkage, crack etc. Phenomenon, we must take these measures make the uniform wall thickness, and to avoid sharp corners and rectangular structure, in the mold type, in the core and coke, finally also need to use hollow core sand wick to change or core franchise and permeability. Second, note 1 stainless steel casting process. In order to prevent the production of stainless steel casting chilling, in addition to take measures, the wall thickness shall not be too thin, Some information that wall thickness in more than 15 mm, with metal casting casting Angle must use rounded corners. 2. Due to the metal type and core does not allow, in order to facilitate removal of casting and draw-out, stainless steel casting processing pouring slope should be more suitable than sand casting, general should be 30% 50%. 3. Stainless steel casting processing, the thickness of the rib in general should be the outer wall thickness of 0. 6 - 0. 7. Otherwise, the lining of cold and slowly, when casting shrinkage inside and outside wall of junction prone to crack. 4. Because of the type of metal heat faster, precision casting factory essence should be greater than the minimum wall thickness casting sand casting and processing all kinds of stainless steel casting alloy, the minimum wall thickness, wall thickness of different size. http://www。 ggcasting。 com
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