Qingdao nodular cast iron pipe with matters needing attention

by:XEX     2020-11-01
Ductile iron pipe roof entered can be used as underground pipeline trenching not add, also used for pipeline laying within a tunnel. Ductile iron pipe roof entered has the following advantages: ( 1) Because interfaces compelling, big volume and is available to all of the connection work from the tube, can make the tunnel space more up and down. ( 2) Because of the connection pipe without consideration of tunnel fire or electricity, so can work safety. ( 3) Due to mechanical interface, with intuitive and fast. Due to Qingdao ductile cast iron pipe mechanical interface has very low flexible, so it can be used for laying of tunnel bending parts. Ductile iron pipe installation steps are as follows: (of pipe jacking method 1) Jack ( A) After add, should be within the port door outside, interface surface and rubber ring coated on thick thick liquid soap and water. ( 2) After adding the rubber ring into the socket, and pushes it to the available fingers gently into the position of the human body. ( 3) In turn from the top to add nose ring ( Divided into three arc) 。 At the top with two I first, and then to the pipe axis slide h, and in the I at the top of the assembly. When add nose ring of three curved slots, if the arcuate plate and has a smaller gap between curved plates, then add an arc plate ( Have similar section, material and thickness is 6 mm) To fill the gap between me and my arc on paper. ( 4) In order to pressure ring ( Divided into four arc) From the top of the screw in the bolt. To avoid Ⅱ falls off, with certain specific, avoid above when equipped with pressure ring fall off.
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