Required to produce note - ductile cast iron parts Nodular cast iron

by:XEX     2021-03-29
Ductile cast iron is through get spheroidal graphite spheroidization and inoculation, effectively improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially improve the plasticity and toughness, and the strength is higher than carbon steel. Today the dongguan nodular cast iron nodular cast iron manufacturer will come to tell you about a attention for production. 1, strict requirements for chemical composition, carbon and silicon content in liquid iron is higher than original grey cast iron and manganese in the nodular cast iron decreases, the content of phosphorus and sulfur; 2, the temperature of the molten iron is higher than that of grey cast iron temperature, to offset during the processing of spheroidization and temperature of molten iron loss; 3, spheroidizing, namely goal, agents are added into the molten iron; 4, add the inoculum inoculation treatment; 5, the liquidity and contraction percentage of elongation of ductile cast iron is poor, so we need higher pouring temperature and the size of the casting system. In a sequential solidification principle of reasonable application of riser and chill; 6, ductile iron parts heat treatment is required. The above is the production of nodular cast iron parts needed attention, hope to be of help. Today small make up to you at this point, want to know more information please attention the dongguan nodular cast iron factory, let's see you next time.
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