Several kinds of common casting silicasol precision casting method is introduced in detail

by:XEX     2021-01-27
In carrying out the whole process of casting silicasol precision casting with its casting ways, in the whole process of vacuum casting breathing for silicasol precision casting will be reasonable put its shell in vacuum casting box, when the application is reasonable according to the type of shell in the subtle gap siphoned off the gas in the cavity. Silicasol precision casting when applying reasonable prompting its hydraulic press for metal materials can be better to add filling cavity, copy the appearance of mold, precision improve casting to avoid air flow, the shortcomings of water is not enough. Silicasol precision casting under the working pressure of crystals, reasonable its shell when applied to carry out the work pressure can casting, goods in the end, it will immediately closed pressure tank, when applied to the jar is filled with the high pressure gas or gases, condensation under the pressure of work, make the casting to expand casting parts of relative density. Silicasol precision casting if chooses its thermal reaction casting, in the whole process of application, it is the use of relatively more this way of casting shell after take off from the roaster, carry out by casting in high temperature. Silicasol precision casting crystals, the set of items in the application of some investment casting parts such as its magnetic steel and turbine leaf, etc. , if they crystals institutions must, in accordance with a bearing sort of columnar crystal, can raise many features of the job, and therefore investment casting on the crystals have rapid technical development trend,
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