(shallow of nodular cast iron pipe annealing furnace energy saving measures 2)

by:XEX     2020-11-24
Ductile iron pipe annealing furnace energy saving measures to analyze the preheated air flue gas waste heat utilization of flue gas can be increased furnace heat income, reduce the fuel consumption, achieve the goal of energy saving. Pipes company annealing furnace flue gas waste heat utilization is mainly preheating combustion-supporting air, flue heat loss is very big, but the original design before heat exchanger of the flue gas temperature is 650 ℃ or so, air preheating temperature is only about 90 ℃, the effect is very poor. For this kind of situation, has carried on the flue, use the asbestos board and clay brick masonry. After transforming the air preheat temperature increased to about 270 ℃, not only using the waste heat, also improved the condition of heavy oil combustion, energy saving effect is significant. Choose low cost fuel shanxi ductile casting pipe co. , LTD annealing furnace with initial diesel oil as fuel, tons of diesel oil consumption is about 65 kg, fuel cost is high. Will fuel instead of heavy oil, 1995 tons of pipe consumption of crude oil is about 80 kg, t tube can be save cost 35 yuan, calculated at the annual output of 50000 t nodular cast iron pipe, can save costs about 1. 75 million yuan a year. Introduced the coke oven gas of shanxi ductile cast pipe company, but because of the limited amount of coke oven gas, only in the annealing furnace heat preservation period of gentle cold period of the gas instead of heavy oil modification, the modified t tube heavy oil consumption is about 45 kg, gas consumption of about 22 m3, t tube can be save cost of 26 yuan, can save costs more than 130, ten thousand yuan a year. From the perspective of the change of two fuel, energy saving effect is very significant. Strengthen the furnace before operation, the reasonable organization fuel burning right fuel combustion, on the premise of guarantee the fuel combustion, as much as possible to reduce the air coefficient is an effective method in improving the thermal efficiency of the annealing furnace. 在空气系数逐渐大于11的过程中,炉膛废气温度逐渐降低,同时废气量逐渐增大,废气带走的热量逐渐增加,炉子的热效率就随之降低; On the contrary, when the air coefficient is less than 1 gradually. 1, caused by incomplete combustion of fuel, the exhaust combustible components increase quickly, chemical heat increase exhaust away quickly, the furnace thermal efficiency is also gradually reduced. In order to save energy and reduce pollution caused by incomplete combustion flue gas, requirements before furnace operators operating carefully, to eliminate not only the fuel air or only the air is not adjustable fuel operation. Especially the heating section of heavy oil burner, as far as possible do not smoke, no black bar, don't fly 'snow', make the heavy oil, atomizing air, combustion air to achieve the optimal proportion. Correct control of furnace pressure ball iron pipe annealing furnace front-rear door is big, small oven door on both sides of the furnace wall, a total of 22, suction and discharge gas is difficult to avoid, can cause a lot of heat loss. To reduce the suction and discharge gas important way is to rationally adjust the furnace pressure. Because condition. and the exhaust smoke of annealing furnace design ability is not enough, and no furnace pressure measuring device, so before the operation requires a smoke machine on the butterfly valve is opened entirely increase exhaust capacity, reduce furnace pressure; Small on either side of the furnace door must be closed when normal use; Feed the oven door insulation curtain and discharge furnace side lift door according to the different pipe diameter adjust at any time, in order to reduce furnace gas spillover caused by heat loss.
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