Shoot sand + template back pressure will be how to mold

by:XEX     2021-01-13
Wuxi xin, precision casting co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of high quality carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel materials such as precision casting and precision casting. Share the xin Jason precision casting for you shoot sand + template back pressure will be what kind of mold. Shoot sand ( Combined with a vent plug) + template back pressure to get good with high density and uniformity of mold. Main specifications and technical parameters of model project sand mold size ( mm) Modelling speed ( sec/mold) The core of time ( sec/mold) The compressed air consumption ( m3 / min) Power ( 千瓦) Sand consumption ( T / h) XZ42- About 22 xz42-6556 a650x560x150/1502522545 About 29 xz42-6556 h650x560x200/2002623545 7060 a700x600x170/18027235。 About 29 xz42-545 7060 h700x600x200/20028245。 About 32 xz42-545 7060H( I) 700 x600x250/20028255。 About 35 xz42-545 7060H( II) 700 x600x250/25028255。 About 39 xz42-545 7060H( III) 700 x600x200/25028255。 About 35 xz42-545 8060 ( I) About 40 xz42 x600x250/2002825655-800 8070H800x700x220/22030276. 555 hydraulic system working pressure about 42:7 ~ 12 mpa compaction pressure: 0. 7 ~ 1 mpa sand mould surface hardness: 80 ~ 95 ( B type hardness tester) Features: have upper and lower mould adopts pressure tight sand add template technique, sand mold with high density and uniform distribution; When templates with sand box cross shuttle, the double location closed to the core ( Don't stop) , long core under time, easy to operate security; Does have to take off the box synchronous mechanism, guarantee the cavity size precise deformation; When parting surface formation is concave and convex mating surface automatically, to avoid the sand transport in the process of fault type; Weight of when using the integration of the clamping device, effectively prevent carried boxes of pouring molten iron and the degree of sand mold advantageous to run the fire accident, and to avoid the traditional box and put may be produced when the fault type; Does the man-machine dialogue touch-screen electronic control system, compact structure, convenient operation, and has a fault self-diagnosis function, ensure reliability; Thecountry has quick change template mechanism, can adapt to the mass production already, also can adapt to many varieties, small batch production.
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