Silica sol precision casting process, and surface quality

by:XEX     2021-01-27
Silicasol precision castings' target='_blank'>casting in China's development trend and that kind of night, in the whole process of production and processing for the regulation of precision is relatively strong, silicasol precision casting in basic theory and practice should be promoted understanding of precision casting technology, the application must be continuous in the whole process of filling technology professional basic common sense. Silicasol precision casting in making is reasonable will all precision casting manufacturing process clear, that will be able to cast more overall strength etc. , at the time that the application of silica sol precision casting equipment, add in the whole filling process in foam entity model after evaporation, dissolution. Silicasol precision casting will cause a lot of small molecules of water vapour and plastic foam, this chemical is harmful to the body, usually work actual operation staff must strictly implement operational guidelines, both operation and the safety protection of auxiliary such items, must be carried out in accordance with the regulations. Silicasol precision casting in the machining process, skilled grasp the operation process, with careful and meticulous work sense of responsibility to work target, production safety. Die material in the whole process of application, immediate harm to the quality of its goods surface, but the low softening point, the compressive strength is not high, belongs to the cryogenic mould material, line curl is very large. In this condition to carry out the improvement and the development of new pattern material design. Silicasol precision casting in the whole process of production and processing can be moderate the ascension of the pouring temperature, in the operation to minimize the ladle mouth of space into the gate of the cup, in the whole process of application must be reasonable to reduce the rate of casting, it will encourage liquid metal materials can stable filling, avoid in gas. Silicasol precision casting shell burning wants enough, need to have any high temperature, silica sol and ethyl silicate shell 960 ~ 1300 Celsius, sodium silicate shell from 900 to 800 degrees Celsius; Burning, in order to ensure precision cast molding shell gas chemical clear enough.
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