Silica sol precision casting production process and how to prevent air hole

by:XEX     2021-01-27
Silicasol precision casting in the manufacture process, you first need to according to the provisions of the furnace lining thickness to effectively and ensure the uniform, lining is too thick so it will be making smaller furnace capacity, so that it can reduce the efficiency of silicasol precision casting, and the furnace lining is too thin is easy to have an accident. Silicasol precision casting materials to clean, when use never mixed with wood chips, grass clippings, sand, iron and other sundry, lining must be packed, uniform and compactness, lining must be according to the technological requirements for newly built good sintering, to use after sintering. Silicasol precision casting for use in the most frequently encountered in the process of a problem is the product of internal porosity, requiring for some parts, its inner appeared its porosity is absolutely not allowed, so the silicasol precision casting to prevent air hole when machining. Silicasol precision casting when faced with a more complex thin wall castings, in order to effectively improve the permeability in the process of machining precision cast molding shell can be directly above the effectively set its vent, set its gating system reasonably. Silicasol precision casting this can effectively prevent the casting roll, this can be helpful for discharge gas in the cavity, in the process of casting can be appropriate to improve the pouring temperature, as far as possible will lower the ladle nozzle distance, the pouring speed also need to be reduced.
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