Simple said the difference between precision forging and forging

by:XEX     2021-01-26
Simply look of precision forging and the difference between ordinary forging precision casting and general foundry, on sort of casting, what's the difference? Precision casting in the manufacture process of directly to the room temperature of the liquid pour into its specific shape mold after curing material such as medium the condensation forming processing method, precision casting for more solid and then heated directly into liquid metal, the use of metal materials such as lead, copper, iron, aluminum material. Fine sand casting mold of the material can be metal, or ceramic, in the process of using the demand according to their different requirements, the use of methods also are different, so the produce of the method is called the casting, the metal mold can be gray iron or iron ball, etc. And the general casting, it is a sand casting this one, but in the precision casting, does not, so that, as the difference between them. Precision casting mould precision casting die, on this kind of mould, we call it the precision casting mold, and it is fine the custom mold casting. And is obtained by precision casting parts, it is not need to be machined. Because, precision casting, its belong to special casting, casting in scale, is a very good accuracy, can reach higher standards and requirements. On fine casting, on its way to choose, should be considered, primarily for adaptability, and, whether through equipment, etc. , using the modelling or build core technology, to advance the work efficiency. And about black metal casting, its is the ability to use precise casting. And, according to the characteristics of the casting can be used to produce some thin wall castings.
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