Soil of nodular cast iron pipe corrosion - - Electrochemical corrosion

by:XEX     2021-03-14
Soil of nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe corrosion - - Electrochemical corrosion of metal in contact with the electrolyte solution can produce electrochemical action, generate an electrical potential difference between the surface and the solution, namely the electrode potential. Metal surface due to the grain boundary, crystal defects, inclusions, stress and surface damage may exist in different phase, the electrochemical inhomogeneity on making various parts of the metal surface micro electrode potential, constitutes the galvanic corrosion. Lost electrons, make the part of low potential metal ions, into the solution, known as the anode; The electronic flow potential high part, as the cathode. The result of galvanic cell reaction, cause in the metal surface to form a lot of rust. Ductile iron pipes of the oxygen concentration cell ( See figure 1) : when the ductile cast iron pipe buried in moist, at the top of the backfill soil relatively loose and nearly from ground, and basically is at the bottom of the original soil, soil density and far off the ground. Oxygen infiltration will cause pipe up and down from the top to oxygen concentration difference, and the pipe itself is both electrodes, and electrode connecting wires; Water as the electrolyte, thus forming the oxygen concentration cell. The corrosion of iron in the following chemical formula:
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