Spheroidizing element configuration and type of spheroidizing agent

by:XEX     2021-02-16
Calcium, magnesium, rare earth and is currently recognized has the ability to promote the graphite spheroidizing, but how to combine the actual industrial production preparation and use, to ensure the spheroidizing ability of nodularizer, and in the production of easy making, raw material economy, easy to use, has become the principle of preparation and use of nodularizer. Configuration of spheroidizing elements - — Component preparation principle and features: must have the spheroidizing ability strong, with obviously is given priority to with magnesium, magnesium of low boiling point, add to the hot metal can make molten iron sharp, response and uniform; As alloy after increasing proportion, make its not easy to rise in the molten iron, can reduce the oxidation of magnesium and burning. — — Ability to digest and anti-spheroidizing elements, rare earth elements have a strong desulphurization degassing, purifying molten iron and the ability to eliminate anti-spheroidizing elements, and rare earth resources in our country, access to raw material cost is low. — — Nodularizer reaction is smooth, easy to operate. Calcium although not as autumn, agents used alone, but with it, and magnesium and rare earth into compound nodulizing agent, it can not only reduce nodulizing agent, the content of MgO style in the spheroidizing smoothly, also can reduce caused by rare earth larger chilling tendency. Therefore, preparation principles and characteristics of composition of nodularizer, is to play a variety of spheroidizing element strengths, to improve the effect of spheroidizing, and by adjusting the content of spheroidizing element to meet the needs of different production conditions, the structure of castings. Nodularizer variety of spheroidizing and anti-spheroidizing elements according to the configuration principle, both at home and abroad has developed a variety of nodularizer, generally have the following: - — — — Pure magnesium: that is commonly used in foreign countries of nodularizer, less domestic application. Pressure producing ductile iron and magnesium, advantages and disadvantages is also obvious. — — — — Magnesium copper, magnesium, nickel: the early use of the alloy in our country, but the cost is high, back to the furnace charge accumulation of copper and nickel in difficult to control, resulting in decreased toughness. — — — — Minimum 3 silicon magnesium alloy: general magnesium content. 5 - 4. 10-5%, the highest Commonly used magnesium alloy is 15%, 5 - 42-10%, silicon 47%, the rest is posted. Magnesium content is lower, the more stable spheroidizing reaction, magnesium recovery rate is higher, Magnesium 4% than 9% magnesium alloy recovery increased by 10%) , but low magnesium nodulizing agent is molten silicon quantity increase. The nodulizing agent is used for processing low sulfur and anti-spheroidizing elements content of hot metal, casting medium section thickness of casting. At present in domestic to large quantities of quantities used in the manufacture of spheroidal graphite cast iron foundry enterprises will be in the production conditions and raw material purchasing produce some contradictions. — — — — Rare earth magnesium alloy, including rare earth magnesium, silicon calcium magnesium and rare earth magnesium alloys, such as copper is engineering and technical personnel in our country based on the reality of our country, in the early 60 s research and development of rare earth magnesium alloy nodularizer class series, they are a combination of the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of spheroidizing element, especially calcium rare earth magnesium alloy, is the present domestic are the main nodularizer bedding face is wide, and walked out of a road suitable for China's national conditions of nodular cast iron manufacturing technology.
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