Spraying zinc nodular cast iron pipe selection considerations

by:XEX     2021-03-14
Spraying zinc nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe selection considerations as we know, spray zinc is a very important link in the process of ductile iron pipes, the density of the zinc layer to the anticorrosive effect of pipeline has the decisive significance, is also the service life of the pipeline powerful guarantee. Requirements in IS08179 and EN545 zinc layer density of not less than 130 g/m2, This request has been) were introduced in the world within the scope of , commonly used in factory production of weighing method to detect e. , and after the pipe factory is difficult to detect. Procurement for this, during inspection, can put forward to check random production site record, record the should have the following several aspects; The diameter article production time spraying zinc production area and weight of the zinc layer of density detection frequency through the original record is a complete check, can easily check out the actual status of the production, to prevent may have cheating, and achieve maximum protection for the interests of the purchaser. We should visit the automation of spraying zinc production process, some manufacturers will hand coated with zinc rich paint, and the effect will be very different, it should cause enough attention. Detection of new cement within the village. In the village of cement raw materials should be strictly controlled, its quality will directly affect the water quality, corrosion of pipelines. So it should be noted in the inspection, the factory's ability for every batch of cement plant experiment was carried out, to ensure the quality of cement. Detection of the original record. Testing way. In addition, the manufacturer should also adopt un-notified, don't say 'hello' in advance, suddenly come to our doors, to strive to grasp their real production situation.
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