Stainless steel casting processing process unsafe factors

by:XEX     2021-03-04
According to the characteristics of stainless steel precision casting process can be analyzed out unsafe factor of stainless steel casting process is introduced as follows: 1. Noise: in the cleaning process, clean shovel the burr, clean casting, casting a box when the noise is also a factor cause personal injury. 2. Smoke harm: cupola and electric furnace smoke contains a large amount of harmful carbon monoxide, when baking sand or mud core with carbon monoxide. 3. Climate factor: in the process of casting production, produce a large amount of heat, especially in the summer, stainless steel precision casting workshop temperature reached more than 40 degrees, often affect the production, so attention should be paid to improve the work environment, cooling purposes. 4. Harmful gases: in coke and molten metal casting, ladle, pouring process, such as sulfur dioxide produces can cause respiratory tract disease. 5. Because of the bad work environment, prone to crushing, bruised, burns, burns and other accidents. 6. Due to high temperature, high radiant heat, easy to fire and explosion. To share on the unsafe influence of stainless steel precision casting process, we are in the process of production, you need to pay attention to the factors above. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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