Stainless steel precision casting

by:XEX     2021-03-09
Stainless steel precision casting stainless steel precision casting and precision casting, is a less cutting or no cutting casting process, is an excellent technology in foundry industry, its application is very extensive. It is not only applicable to the various types, various kinds of alloy casting, and produce the casting dimension accuracy and surface quality is higher than other casting method, even other casting method is difficult to cast the complex, high temperature resistant, not easy machining castings, all can use revestment precision casting wrought. Ductile iron pipe and horizontal continuous casting ductile iron material. Determination of the proportion of the rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron, thermal conductivity, electrical magnetic, such as physical properties, combined with metallographic standard in the graphite and base structure on the properties of nodular cast iron. Systematically measured the ferritic nodular cast iron at room temperature, low temperature, under the condition of the static and dynamic performance. In addition, the stress and strain performance of rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron was studied, small energy impact resistance and fracture toughness, and used to guide production. Combined with the application of ductile iron gear, but also systematically studies the bending fatigue strength and contact fatigue strength of ductile iron, and the ductile iron gear pitting and spalling mechanism, etc. Compared with the traditional casting technology, epc has the following characteristics: 1, casting quality is good, the cost is low; 2, any material, size, all appropriate; 3, size 4, high precision, smooth surface, reduce the cleaning up, save the machining; 5, greatly reduce the defect, compact structure; 6, large, mass production can be realized. Automated assembly line of environmental protection. 7, can greatly improve the working environment, reduce the labor intensity, reduce energy consumption by xin this information supply, more precision casting precision casting precision casting factory | | | dongguan precision casting precision foundry processing | dongguan | stainless steel precision casting can also consult our website: WWW. ggcasting。 com
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