Stainless steel precision casting pouring riser residues and self-inspection process

by:XEX     2020-10-31
Stainless steel precision casting in to clean up its products in the process of surface are not allowed to have scale and adhering sand material to affect their parts processing, the product of the inner cavity in the carry on the processing of the pellet is no residue in the process of sand, burr, flash and other defects. Stainless steel precision casting in the process of machining on its geometry is complete, do not need to processing the surface of the deoxidization of damage of the dimensional deviation is not greater than its here, no matter what the material of casting its residual riser residual roots except the need for timely. Processing of stainless steel castings are not allowed to appear on the surface of the water the riser residues, products for repair welding of the machined surface can be used in a grinding wheel or other tools, need to be in the process of repairing joint repair level off according to the matrix, and then clean up the welding slag splash of castings. After the blasting process, the product in the case of without magnification for effective processing, product code should not see the dirt of workpiece and the situation of the scale, the surface of the product should be uniform and the colour and lustre is metal. Stainless steel precision casting in the process of making some hardware facilities and management will appear the problems such as deformation, products need to find the good before shooting wax mould preset, until the mold temperature and shot wax room room temperature phase at the same time, began to shoot the wax. After the finished products come out, first of all need to be self-checking, in the process of self-check basically is to see their products have the deformation of the case, or the process defect, after finished product shipments recommended fixture checked as far as possible, so that can effectively detect the speed and accuracy. Stainless steel casting processing time can be used in a hard material, for use in the process of its products to the surface of wear-resistant, for the size of the bigger of the two parts, to be reasonable to calculate the press tonnage, this can effectively avoid the waste and not enough power. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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