Stainless steel precision casting process

by:XEX     2021-03-06
1, according to the different shapes of products mold. Die die down, through vehicles, shaver, milling, corrosion, edm etc. Comprehensive process is complete. Pit shape, size is consistent with the product side. Because the wax mold is mainly used for industrial use wax molding, so choose low melting point, hardness is not high, the demand is low, the price is cheaper, lighter weight aluminum alloy material to do mold. 2, the use of aluminum alloy mold to produce a large amount of industrial wax solid core model. Under normal circumstances a industrial wax solid core model can only corresponding to a blank products. 3, to finishing allowance surrounding the wax models, deburring after will be more to a single wax models ( Also called group tree) Prepared die, the die head is solid core with wax pattern to produce industrial wax model. ( Appearance is like a tree) More than 4, has been fixed in the die head of wax pattern with industrial glue evenly sprayed after the first layer of fine sand ( A kind of refractory ore, high temperature resistant, usually using silica sand) 。 The sand particles is very small, very thin, this will ensure that all blank as far as possible the smooth surface. 5, in setting the room temperature ( Or constant temperature) Let the spray sand wax models of the first layer under the natural air drying, but cannot affect the internal wax pattern shape change, natural drying time depends on the complexity of the product itself, the general casting air drying for the first time in about 5 - Eight hours or so. 6, the first time after sand blast and natural air-dry, industrial glue on the surface of the wax models continue to ( Silicon dissolving pulp) Sand, and spray on the second floor, the second layer of sand particle size than before the first layer of the big, to coarse sand. After spraying the second sand is also under the set the thermostat to wax models of natural dry. 7, the second after sand blast and natural air-dry, so on sand blasting for the third time, fourth time sandblasting, fifth sandblast working sequence, etc. Requirements: - Surface according to the product requirements, size, weight and other corresponding adjust sand blasting times. Sand blasting times for 3 - usually 7 times. - Every time sandblasting sand grain size are different, usually process after the coarse sand before than in sand and dry the length of time is different also. Generally a complete the wax models on sand production cycle for 3 ~ 4 days. 8, will have finished sandblasting process of wax models before baking process, and then evenly coated with a layer of white latex industry ( Silicon dissolving pulp) To play a bond and cured sand mold, and the function of the sealing wax models, to prepare for after baking process. After baking work order at the same time, also can improve the brittleness of sand mold, easy to break the sand layer, take out the blank. 9, baking process will be fixed in the die head, and complete the sand drying process in the wax models in special metal sealed oven heating ( Commonly used is burning kerosene steam furnace) 。 For industrial wax melting point is not high, the temperature at about 150 ゜, heated to melt wax models formed wax water flows along the gate, this process is to take off the wax. Finish off wax wax models of sand is just an empty shell. Precision casting of the key is to use the sand shell of empty. ( Generally the wax can be repeatedly used for many times, but the wax must back to filter, no dirty la will affect the casting surface quality, such as: surface sand holes and hemp dot, at the same time can also affect the precision casting products shrinkage) 。 https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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