Stainless steel precision casting processing and heat treatment processing

by:XEX     2021-03-08
Due to the different USES stainless steel castings' target='_blank'>precision casting machining processing, heat treatment very much, basically can be divided into two categories, one is structure don't change after heat treatment and change or should not, 2 it is the basic organization structure change. The first heat treatment process is mainly used to eliminate in the process of stainless steel casting internal stress caused by different cooling condition and conditions. Stainless steel precision casting processing of heat treatment, mechanical properties, such as organization and strength is not changed significantly due to heat treatment. For the second type of heat treatment and major, major changes have taken place in al qaeda, can be roughly divided into five categories: 1, softening annealing: the main purpose is decomposed carbide, lower the hardness and improve the processing performance, for nodular cast iron, its purpose is to gain more ferrite. 2, normalizing treatment: the main purpose is to get pearlite and sorbite microstructure, in order to improve the mechanical properties of the stainless steel precision casting. 3, quenching treatment: the main is to obtain high hardness and wear-resistant strength, wear and high surface features. 4, surface hardening treatment: mainly for surface hardening layer, and the surface of the high wear-resisting performance. 5, precipitation hardening treatment: the main is to obtain high strength and elongation will not result in a dramatic change. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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