Stainless steel precision casting processing production process

by:XEX     2021-03-06
Stainless steel precision casting machining process for the polishing method can be used to remove the product of the above defects, casting its size need effective after grinding can meet the demands of its casting dimension tolerance, generally allowed to adopt the method of mechanical deformation of the casting to correct. Stainless steel castings can be directly used in the process of using the method of repair, when the product use the tungsten electrode argon arc welding welding time, the weld area and welding repair the largest depth need to comply with its regulations, products in the area of the weld is refers to the area after repair. Weld stainless steel precision casting parts in the same place is no more than three times, the casting of space on the edge of the weld zone, which includes the opposite of weld zone, never should not be less than the sum of two adjacent weld zone diameter, every state supply casting, heat treatment after welding repair need to heat treatment according to the original state. Stainless steel castings after heat treatment of castings need effective to test its mechanical properties, the casting of argon arc welding area must not less than 2 cm2, equipment is not benefit 100 mm welding area, when use don't after the heat treatment, but a stainless steel castings of millions of not more than 5. In the weld zone is stainless steel precision casting must not have crack and the situation of the lack of penetration, casting in any welding area is allowed to have the largest diameter is not more than 2 mm and not more than 1/3 of the wall thickness of three pores or inclusions, product margin not benefit is 10 mm. Stainless steel castings of working in an atmosphere of corrosive medium and castings, products in welding time are not allowed to use welding flux, density of the stainless steel castings from allows for infiltration process.
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