Stainless steel precision casting surface black pit

by:XEX     2021-03-05
Stainless steel precision casting during the process of production of its main surface defects is the pitting, if appear this phenomenon, in the process of operating can only choose to scrap processing, this will directly cause our production of low cost increase. There will be many a film on the surface of the stainless steel precision casting circular shallow depressions, filling in the pits of equipment without having to clean up the slag material, the material in a certain degree will directly affect the quality of our frontal precision castings. The manufacture of the stainless steel precision casting precision is very high, the surface of the product in the process of using the product is very bright and clean, that is to say, production and processing of stainless steel precision casting can effectively save a lot of machining work can be directly applied to life. Stainless steel precision casting processing is very convenient, use very save its material, in the process of running can effectively save the resources, many can only cast simpler casting casting way, and stainless steel precision casting another advantage is that can be cast very complicated castings. Stainless steel precision casting can be effective to a certain extent to ensure the temperature of the melt in the process of transfer has its good liquidity, in the process of temperature selection need according to turn the focus distance and conversion process of cooling conditions, specifications, flow rate, alloy and some other factors to determine. Stainless steel precision casting temperature to choose reasonable need, must not exceed its temperature, so that it will bring some unnecessary problems to casting directly, tension roller drive mode mainly include: dc motor drive, alone with differential mechanism of collective drive motor, hydraulic motor drive alone, etc. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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