Stainless steel precision casting surface film of dent's sake

by:XEX     2021-03-09
Stainless steel precision casting for critical in carry out the whole process of making the pitting surface defect is appear, if appear such problems, in the whole process of actual operation only selected was solved, it will immediately lead to people's production and manufacturing low cost amount of ascension. Stainless steel precision casting surface above has many black gray circular shallow grooves, machinery and equipment in no clear dents before filling in the slag chemical, the chemical in must level immediately harm people forehead precision casting quality. The manufacture of the stainless steel precision casting precision is very high, the commodities in the whole process of application for the surface is very smooth, in addition to manufacture out of stainless steel precision castings can be reasonable can save a lot of metal processing work for food and clothing live line immediately. Stainless steel precision casting production and processing is very convenient, is applied to save the raw materials, in the whole process of operation can save the resources rationally, many forging method only casting forging is very simple, and other advantages of stainless steel precision casting is able to forging complex casting parts. Stainless steel precision casting temperature can be reasonable to ensure that the solution must be level has the very good liquidity in the conversion process, in the whole process of temperature selection must be based on its spacing of salted fish net injection and cooling conditions the conversion process, types, traffic, some elements such as aluminium alloy to confirm. Stainless steel precision casting temperature selected must be effective, dry can't exceed its temperature, it will have some redundant problem, immediately to casting support roller drive method key: brushless dc motor drive independently, with differential organization groups independent drive and motor drive, etc.
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