Stainless steel precision casting technology and research

by:XEX     2021-03-07
In the process of stainless steel precision casting, have certain technological process. In the process of manufacture, can make mold according to the different shapes of products effectively. Stainless steel precision casting can be effectively divided into the upper die and lower die, by planing, milling, etching, automobile, electric spark effectively. To complete. The size of the stainless steel precision castings and pit shape same as the edge of the product. In use, the main reason is that the wax mold is mainly used for industrial wax press, when choosing so its melting point is not high, hardness is not high, so use a lighter aluminum alloy material, light as a mold. In stainless steel precision casting production, it is necessary to effectively repair the wax models of peripheral allowance. After using effective deburring, many single wax model glued onto the prepared mold. Model head is wax wax model of mold production. Stainless steel precision casting industrial glue will effectively be applied to the first layer of fine, fine, thin, eventually make the billet surface as smooth as possible. In the first time after sanding and natural air dry, stainless steel precision casting will continue to use industrial glue in the surface of wax models, then spraying the second layer of sand on it. The particle size than the first layer of sand and thick. The second layer of sand after sandblasting, as well as wax models under the set temperature. Natural wind is dry. In the second after sandblasting and natural air-dry, stainless steel precision casting sand blasting for the third time, fourth time sandblasting, fifth sandblasting. Then according to its size, surface requirements, and effectively for the sandblasting frequency factors such as weight adjustment, general sandblasting number for the 3 - 7 times.
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