Subway tunnel interval reinforcement measures of the ductile iron pipe ( 3)

by:XEX     2021-03-13
Ductile iron pipe joint and fixed situation analysis of the first phase of shenzhen metro under all the station platform plate and tunnel interval adopt the ductile iron pipes, and choose the pressure N1 type connector, for the domestic first to N1 and s-shaped joints used in subway tunnel range. For the subway design specification, the requirements of the interface of synthetic form of the subway tunnel range mainly adopts pressure LAN connection ( S, N1 joint) And ordinary socket connection ( Tee joint) Two ways in which the N1 form interface form from the structure principle, the sealing performance is better than T interface. From the point of use purposes, N1 type joint is more suitable for gas pipeline sealing, tell from the theory of sealing water should be no problem. But since the first phase of shenzhen metro opened, there have been several ductile cast iron fire hose connector out caused leakage accident, and in the form of tee joint connection of nanjing subway is not a leaking accident happened. Analyzes believed that because the subway operation will produce vibration inside the tunnel, leading to pipeline displacement, combined with the shenzhen metro adopts the share of production, life and fire fighting water supply network, range of nodular cast iron in the fire hose water flow often occurs without rules, thereby increasing the risk of water hammer happened. In addition to the tunnel also set up the door, for the sake of civil air defense in pipe bend is more, increased the nodular cast iron pipe bend pipe socket pipe joint out before and after. For nanjing subway, because of the fire water, production and life built around the water network, so the network flow velocity fluctuation is small, and the range of pipe bend, little more firmly fixed measures were taken on a bend at the same time, so not happened since opened a nodular cast iron fire hose leakage accident. According to the above research and analysis, found that the pipeline leakage with joint form without necessarily, but the influence of pipeline flow form and pipe fixed is bigger.
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