Subway tunnel interval reinforcement measures of the ductile iron pipe ( 4)

by:XEX     2021-03-13
Subway tunnel interval reinforcement measures of the ductile iron pipe - - Solution according to specification for design of outdoor water supply and drainage in the design of full flow water pipe, should consider the possibility of occurrence of water hammer, necessary measures should be taken to eliminate water hammer ', 'socket type pipe in a vertical or horizontal direction corner buttress set, should according to the pipe diameter, turning Angle, pressure testing standards and interface friction factors determine'. The code for metro design ( GB50157— 2003). In the 13. 2. 5 of article 7, in order to prevent the ductile cast iron pipes caused by long running vibration feed pipe, it must be fixed with the main structure and roadbed. According to the experience of the operation of Beijing subway, the ductile iron pipes aprons interface of fixed method is: every 2 m have a pipe clamp, pipe clamp must be fixed with the main structure, and must be set on a bend buttress stop moving when pressure testing. Therefore, nodular cast iron pipe in the subway tunnel installation first solve the problem is fixed. Pipeline through the radial fixed bracket ', 'the implementation, such as the pipeline axial displacement of fixation and does not produce, is ductile iron pipe out leakage accidents of the key. Because of the limitation of tunnel interval space and position especially shield interval set on a bend buttress is difficult, it is hard to like the Beijing subway tunnel of shenzhen metro to buttress, encryption, etc, combined with the tunnel range of ductile iron pipes for Ming, lack of pipeline buried installation can offset the displacement of soil friction, and thus it is particularly important to adopt measures to stop off in tapping. Comprehensive above factors, on the premise of fully considering the tunnel reinforcement measures, on the nodular cast iron tube body joint within the scope of 1 m 2 welding, welding on the outside of the installation of pipeline steel holding card ( As shown in figure 1, tee joint, for example) , when the pipeline stress to an arbitrary direction displacement, can hold card through a pipe and welding circle block, reduce and avoid the generation of axial displacement, can minimize nodular cast iron pipe out cause fire hose leakage accidents. Pipeline should be made of steel plate under to enhance its resistance to the strength of the pipeline axial thrust. To demonstrate the feasibility of the scheme, the choice in turn more and multiple joint leakage accident 'to buy - Sweet 'shield interval experiment. Results show that the ductile iron pipes near the joint on the inside part welding 2 baffle ring ( Height is 7 mm) Open pipe network on both sides of the valve, in the vent pipe network, fast under the condition of artificial water hammer opportunities, such as pipe joint did not appear loose phenomenon, there is no leakage accidents, so that the fixed way is feasible. It is worth noting that before the implementation of the measures, height, width, pipe butt welding circle should hold card choice and support in the form of a detailed calculation, in order to maximize the control axial displacement, avoid nodular cast iron pipe joint leakage accidents caused by loose.
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