Subway tunnel interval reinforcement measures of the ductile iron pipe ( A)

by:XEX     2021-03-13
Subway tunnel interval reinforcement measures of the nodular cast iron pipe: the application of ductile iron pipes in the subway tunnel interval of advantages and disadvantages are analyzed, and put forward the reasonable solution for its shortcomings, to ensure the water supply safe and reliable. Key words: tunnel interval; Ductile iron pipes; Joint form; Fixed measures 'metro design code' ( GB50157— 2003). In the 13. 2. 3 - 1, 'underground station platform board and underground tunnel under the laying of water main, appropriate USES nodular cast iron pipe and aprons interface', according to the bottom of the underground station board and other tunnel interval there air is humid, the stray current characteristics of the ductile cast iron pipe and aprons interface has the following advantages: (1) nodular cast iron pipe with high strength, Gao Yanshen rate, K9 grade series of pipe under pressure can reach 6 mpa; (2) ductile iron pipes because of its high resistance, corrosion, not easy to generate electricity and have insulation function is used to connect the rubber sealing ring, therefore has the electric erosion resistance, in full of all sorts of stray current has obvious advantages in the application of the tunnel interval; (3) nodular cast iron with high intensity, good fatigue strength, good casting performance, low cost, convenient production; (4) ductile cast iron pipe outside surface by spraying zinc coating asphalt paint, in its internal lining of cement, can improve its corrosion resistance, but also have the effect of water quality protection. So its corrosion resistance is more able to adapt to the underground damp environment, extend the service life of pipeline; (5) ductile pipe construction, flexible pipe joints can be deflection Angle, curve segment in subway tunnel interval installation is very convenient.
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