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Supplier of Sand Cast Iron Wheels

Supplier of Sand Cast Iron Wheels


 When the liquid shortening of the casting alloy is relatively large, the tendency of shrinking holes will be greater; if the temperature range of the alloy crystallization is wider, the tendency of shrinkage loosening will be greater. Processes that allow the alloy to reduce the liquid state and shorten the settling period are all conducive to reducing shrinkage and shrinkage. The cast iron manufacturer will introduce this method to you:

 This method can properly adjust the chemical composition to reduce the pouring temperature or slow down the pouring speed, which can increase the chilling ability of the product and the ability to shrink when the product is condensed, especially the gray casting can promote the graphitization during condensation and many more. We plan the appropriate processing technology for the shortening and coagulation characteristics of the alloy, so that the product can be in a good shrinkage condition during the coagulation process, as much as possible to shrink the shrinkage into shrinkage holes, so that shrinkage holes appear in the direction of condensation.

In order to make the product strengthen and shrink during the condensation process, it is necessary to control the product's condensation method such as riser and cold iron to make them more suitable, and it can be directional condensation or simultaneous condensation.

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