T interface - ductile cast iron pipe installation technology - Construction preparation stage

by:XEX     2021-04-04
Construction preparation stage, should be disclosure and design units and the construction site in parts, control of the construction site topography, the distribution of underground pipeline and other structures along the pipeline, drainage condition, etc. , according to the collected data to write the corresponding construction plan, schedule, material purchasing and supply plan. Nodular cast iron pipe in the construction process of the main technical key points are as follows: 1, measuring unreeling, according to the design unit for the control of pile foundation on time, according to the design drawings by measuring professionals detect pipeline of accurate location, elevation, 50 meters pile and corner, and sprinkled lime chalk line, shown on the control of pile pile number, mileage, elevation, corner pile should indicate the point of view. Corner area should increase the density of pile driving. In inspection Wells, transform diameter, valve well in pile shall be adding center, should also be set up to protect pile and control when necessary. 2, (1) pipe trench excavation and foundation treatment, by the planning department and surveying department before excavation details, or may be related to the various units ( Such as power supply, telecommunications, broadcasting, military unit may have underground facilities) Came to ensure the safety in the process of excavation. (2), trench excavation, should according to the categories of soil, the excavation section is determined. Consider the pipeline construction is convenient, in the future when the backfill TuSha can fully backfill to the bottom of the tube and need for pipeline operation, and the bottom of the channel width to meet the construction requirements. Pipe joints groove excavation to leave room, make the operation interface. (3), using mechanical excavation earthwork excavation, the bottom of the channel reserved 20 cm by artificial stripping. It is strictly prohibited in the process of ductile iron pipe excavation overbreak, in case of disturbance in the foundation. For there are underground obstacles ( Current cables) Location by artificial excavation, it is forbidden to damage. (4), ductile iron pipe trench excavation by deep shallow order after first as far as possible, and to facilitate drainage. (5), excavated earthwork disposal, according to the site temporary outside, outside the staging, abandon the principle of combining. Slot earthwork that suitable backfill soil select properly position to pile up, but can not cover the annotations, such as measuring are staging in the field for trench backfilling. Backfill earthwork allocation reasonable plan before construction, prepare earthwork balance less earthwork sinotrans and site earthwork transportation. 6, for poor geological location, should also be set when the excavation support, support the formation of cross arm, vertical tide and sheet pile, such as supporting material selection of steel, wood or wood mixed use. After the groove digging, should have a pipe base. 15 m, reoccupy sand backfill compaction height to the design requirements. Today nodular cast iron pipe based general pipe as the foundation of natural foundation, need not special processing, but in case of soft ground or backfill soil, should according to the design requirements or ramming.
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