T interface nodular cast iron pipe installation technology

by:XEX     2021-04-03
Ductile iron pipe laying deflection Angle DN laid to allow 100 - deflection Angle 150 5°200- 3004°350- 6003°700- 8002°900- 10001. 5 ° construction process of the ductile iron pipe is commonly: construction preparation - — Measuring unreeling - — Trench excavation and foundation treatment - — Install - — Trench backfill to 0 on the top of the tube. 5m— — Pipe test - — Trench backfill to the design elevation - — Washing disinfection pipeline system - — Do all kinds of record. Ductile iron pipes, 球墨铸铁管) It is combined with magnesium and rare earth magnesium golden, agents to join before pouring molten iron, the graphite spheroidizing, reduce stress concentration, make the pipe with the essence of the iron objects, the performance of the steel, high strength, elongation, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing, etc; Use cement mortar lining, improve the water environment, improve the ability of water supply pipeline, reduce the energy consumption; Nozzle using the flexible interface, and ductile iron itself has a larger elongation (> 10%) , so that the pipe has good flexibility, in buried pipeline and soil around the pipeline work, improve the stress of pipeline, so as to improve the reliability of the network operation. Ductile iron pipes generally large diameter, wall thickness, normal use life can be up to 50 years. Therefore, the water supply industry in our country usually adopt nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe material as a supervisor. Ductile iron pipe interface is a lot of more phyletic, T interface ( Slide type) Flexible interface because of its fast and convenient installation and need only simple tools for installation and famous throughout the world. Because of the interface and the corresponding T gasket can withstand the large deflection Angle and larger tolerance, particularly suitable for the unstable strata and corner. T interface o-ring seal is a kind of the gasket, when the pipeline internal pressure increases, the aprons and pipeline between the contact pressure also will increase, T interface not only can allow deflection Angle axial displacement, and convenient installation. T interface simply at the time of installation will pin into the socket, compaction aprons, just to make sure that the sealing aprons. This interface has reliable sealing, good shock resistance and corrosion resistance, is a way of good interface
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