Take you know MAO embryo foundry technology introduction - dongguan Dongguan MAO embryo foundries

by:XEX     2021-01-13
Dongguan MAO embryo castings' target='_blank'>precision casting foundry manual, tight sand and steep mode was done by hand. It has flexible operation, strong adaptability, low cost, short production preparation time, etc. But the foundry manual for workers technical level the demand is higher, and low productivity, labor intensity is big, the casting dimension accuracy and surface quality is poor, it is mainly used for single piece and small batch production. Very large castings can only use manual model. 1. Whole molding: adopt the method of overall appearance modelling is called whole molding, its characteristic is all mold cavity in a sand box, modelling is simple, won't produce the wrong box is suitable for the largest cross section at one end, and the plane of the castings. 2. Die shape: shape in truncation maximum punishment for two and a half, respectively in the up and down within the sand mold modelling method called parting modelling. Parting modelling is easy to operate, save to save time, apply to the largest cross section in the middle of the casting. Dongguan MAO embryo precision casting foundry process for higher material aspects, like the cost is low, the dimension precision.
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