The advantages and disadvantages of ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2020-10-25
The advantages and disadvantages of ductile iron pipes, ductile iron pipes mainly through the intermediate frequency furnace lining cement thermal annealing and then do the outer wall corrosion production, mechanism of cast iron pipe don't lined with cement. Ductile iron pipes single 6 meters in length, wall thickness is larger; Mechanism of cast iron pipe single 3 meters in length, with thin wall thickness. Ductile iron pipes are widely use municipal water supply and drainage, rural drinking water and outdoor fire engineering; Mechanism of cast iron pipe main use top city drainage water. Ductile iron pipes common flexible sealing ring sliding type connection; Mechanism of drain is mainly W type and B type, clamp connection and mechanical connection, cushion sealing ring. Nodular cast iron of high strength and strong plasticity. The tensile strength of ductile cast iron is a times of gray cast iron, even yield strength than cast steel. Therefore, the compressive strength of ductile iron pipes is much higher than cast iron drainage pipe, buried in the ground, not easily crushed by a car.
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