The advantages of galvanized steel rain grate

by:XEX     2020-11-02
Galvanized rain grate and steel grille plate welding. The device has simple structure, light weight, good bearing capacity, good impact resistance and bending than bending, large displacement, use good beautiful, corrosion resistance, rust. It has the incomparable virtues than the cast iron grate the rain. Because of using steel grille hinge connection open, convenient and has anti-theft function. Widely used in municipal roads, landscape facilities, residential area, school, sports venues, such as different areas. According to the customer request, the manufacturer can produce different bearing and span of steel grating. Customers can choose according to actual needs. Can also provide different ditch cover according to different occasions. In addition to general galvanized trench cover, may also provide ditch cover plate and window well cover plate, stainless steel raw materials. Galvanized perforated strainer rainwater grille features include: 1. Hot dip galvanized surface treatment options: anti-corrosion ability, 30 years no protection, no change. 2. Domestic advanced anti-corrosion planning: steel grid roof gutter are hinged cover and frame, security, safety, convenient; 3. Product appearance is beautiful: line is concise, silver appearance, modern philosophy; 4. Mesh drainage effect is best: leakage area of 83. 2 times more than 3%, the cast iron; 5. Save material consumption investment: large span and lower than the price of cast iron, can save by reason of theft, breakage, replace the cost of the cast iron cover; 6. Choose high strength carbon steel, steel grille has high strength, strength and durability is far higher than that of cast iron, can be used in large span, overloading of dock, airport and the environment
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