The analysis of the causes of ductile casting tube adhering sand

by:XEX     2020-12-27
1. Enough pressure to make metal liquid permeability sand between higher metal static head pressure. Is formed by castings' target='_blank'>casting pouring height and gating system pressure. Such as the pressure more than sand gap between capillarity formed against the pressure. The resin MAO = QcosO/r, P in the type of hair for capillary pressure; 。 Ductile casting tube for metal liquid surface tension; E for metal capillary wetting Angle; R for capillary radius. Can form a mechanical adhering sand. Static pressure head of more than 500 mm, forging sand and coarser, most will produce angry I hope machinery adhering sand, unless on coatings. Type also shows that: the greater the, that is, the granularity of sand coarse, body hair is smaller, the more easily produce angry I wish machinery adhering sand. 2. Liquid metal flow in the mold dynamic pressure. 3. Cast 'explosion' or 'choke'. The casting pouring combustible gases released when mixed with air and ignited by hot metal liquid formed by the dynamic pressure.
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