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The application of precision casting, products and technology

by:XEX     2020-11-20
What is the relationship between the precision castings' target='_blank'>casting and casting? What is the application of precision casting and product? Precision casting, which one it belongs to the technical field? Since the problem already exists, the next step work is to solve it, let everybody can learn clearly. 1. What is the relationship between precision casting, it has to do with the casting? Casting, it is pouring liquid metal into the cavity, finished product resulting from the cooling and solidification. In sand mold casting, special casting, etc. Precision casting is a special kind of casting process, the finished products do not need to rework. Therefore, the relationship between the casting and precision casting is secondary. 2. What is the application of precision casting and product? The application of precision casting, can saying is very extensive, in particular, it is in the petroleum chemical industry, electronics, energy, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, transportation and other industries. Specific products are copper casting, aluminum casting, steel, copper, aluminum castings, all kinds of castings. What kind of technology is three. Precision casting? Precision casting is a casting, naturally, it belongs to the field of casting. Casting, because it is an independent industry, no industrial area, is usually considered a metallurgy or material forming. The above problems are related to the precision casting, so give a specific answer, so you can learn to get to know and understand it, thus increasing the utility. And, that is, we must grasp, because it is the comprehensive understanding of precision casting base, so cannot treat STH lightly, lest affect the study effect, then, not worth it.
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