The application range of the ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2020-12-02
At present, in the construction industry, the application of ductile pipe more and more. Due to its corrosion resistance, short use time, pressure resistance, basic maintenance-free advantages of bad, very popular. So ductile pipe can be used in what place? one Urban domestic water. Growing urban water shortage. In addition to drinking water, recycled water can also be used for irrigation and wash the car. 2. In the city, in order to avoid the shortage of groundwater, can use ductile iron pipes carry water to the city for daily use. 3. Agricultural irrigation. Because the cast iron pipe has good corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and is very weak. In agricultural irrigation, cast iron pipe can be used in any soil. Four. In the industrial production. Cast iron pipe has good rigidity and toughness, in use play a small role. It can withstand the load, and can withstand the pressure, safety transportation industrial materials.
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