The application scope of ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2020-12-01
Application field of ductile pipe 1: water diversion pipe is the first step in the cycle water diversion pipe or pumping stations from underground aquifers, lakes and river water. We depend on the natural water, so we must cherish it so as to make them fit to drink. From the water to the storage, underground water need to be done before the water distribution of a series of processing and testing, xin, in view of the whole process for water to match, ehrsson provides the complete solution of water transfer. 2: municipal water as the water resources shortage, many cities in the drinking water is faced with severe situation, some central cities now have begun to use water, water is between the tap water ( Water) With the sewage into the pipe ( The water) Between water and can be used to wash the car, watering the lawn, road cleaning, city fountain, do in the thermal power plant cooling water, and so on. 3: industry ( Paper, thermal power, textile, cement, steel, etc. ) 4: industry nodular cast iron pipe in design with the safety coefficient of three times, not only ensures the whole fire control system, including the valve and fire hydrant is complete and consistent nodular cast iron products, and fully meet the working requirements of the piping system 5: agricultural irrigation has long agriculture irrigation requirement for pipe sealing performance is not as stringent as drinking water, now with the improvement of water resources become increasingly scarce and cost, this concept is changing. In order to ensure long-term seepage resistance for a long time, agricultural irrigation pipe must be able to resist soil movement, agricultural machinery, traffic, water hammer ( Because of the water diversion pipe start-up and water valve water suddenly stop) And any other possible accident ( Such as: huasheng head impact) 。 Ductile iron pipes are adaptable, it easy to scale, or revised, At the same time does not destroy) The original line. Ductile iron pipe system has a high safety margin, sufficient to meet the above condition. 6: small hydropower station, the small hydropower station or satellite power generation is a newly developing, but the fast growth in the hydropower station is usually by the local enterprises and institutions or private capital operation. Ball iron pipe in the field with high internal water pressure resistance ability, and excellent resistance to soil topography and external pressure, allowing the pipe can be buried in the pits and the valleys.
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