The basic requirement of spheroidal graphite cast pipe pipe die coating

by:XEX     2020-12-24
The basic requirement of spheroidal graphite cast pipe coating of pipe die 1 high fire resistance and good insulation of high temperature molten iron directly ACTS on the coating surface, therefore at the instant of the casting, coating surface temperature will reach 1200 ~ 1300 ℃, in the condition of the coating performance should be stable, may not appear the phenomenon such as melting, decomposition, softening. 5 mm, in order to ensure effectively reduce pouring molten iron on the surface of the pipe die in the process of thermal shock, and for the solidification of casting pipe offer some gentle cold since the annealing time, reduce casting pipe process after the annealing temperature and annealing time, requires that the coefficient of thermal conductivity of coating should be as low as possible. 2 the proper strength and good air permeability coating can stand the hot metal erosion and protect the pipe die, at the same time after the casting is easy to remove. Permeability of the coating is one of the key in determining the quality of casting pipe. If coating permeability is poor and without a certain amount of gas storage capacity, is the crystallization of the aggregate of water vapor and precipitation from hot metal gas flow between section is blocked, resulting in local high, in hot metal is still in the half frozen state, casting tube strength is not high, high can cause a crater pipes, porosity and other defects, lead to cast pipe scrap. 3 reliable stability and good performance of spraying coatings must have a simple and easy raw material, the price is cheap, easy to spray coating, uniform composition, difficult to precipitation, pipeline and nozzle, etc, to reduce the production cost and ensure good spraying performance. Adopting diatomite as aggregate suspension as coating coated on the inner wall of the pipe die ball iron pipe production, this paper discusses the paint raw materials selection, coating preparation, performance, and suitable for painting. Tests show that the bentonite slurry stirring 2 h, then rest after 10 h mixed coating; Diatomaceous earth is the most suitable coating hot molding aggregate; For small diameter pipe die coating, diatomite and bentonite bentonite content is higher, the quality of the ratio of ( 8 to 15) ∶1; For large diameter pipe die coating, diatomite and bentonite bentonite content is slightly lower, the quality ratio of ( 12 ~ 20) : 1, on the other hand, have spirit spraying is the best way of spraying. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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