The cause of the ductile iron slag defects and control

by:XEX     2021-02-10
Slag is one of the most common defects of nodular cast iron, the beige in the casting, some are large, are distributed in some mottled on the substrate. Slag, greatly reduces the elongation and impact toughness of ductile cast iron. The causes are: 1, the sulfur content in iron content in liquid is too high, the casting are prone to slag. Ductile iron liquid iron sulfur content should be controlled in 0. Less than 06%. 2, the silicon content of silicon oxide slag is one of the major, should try to reduce the silicon content. 3, rare earths and magnesium and magnesium content of rare earth elements such as oxidation would lead to slag, the content should not be too high. 4, pouring temperature, pouring temperature is too low, the metal oxide is not easy to rise inside the liquid metal, easily lead to slag; On the surface of the liquid metal temperature is too high, the slag become too thin, not easy to remove from iron liquid surface, along with the liquid metal into the cavity, slag. 5, gating system design of the system should be reasonable, with functions of slag and liquid metal in mold filling smoothly. 6, mould casting surface adhesion sand or coating, excess lead to slag; With low density and non-uniform sand mold can also lead to slag. This control measures as follows: 1, try to reduce the sulfur content in the molten iron ( < 0. 06%) And, if necessary, use baking soda to desulfurization appropriate adding rare earth alloy ( 0. 1% - 0. 2%) To purify the molten iron, reduce residual magnesium and silicon content, the quantity as much as you can. 2, increasing the melt temperature of iron liquid, appropriate sedation, non-metallic inclusion floatation, facilitate gathered themselves together. Grilled net pulp are on the surface of the molten iron, liquid iron surface into the cover agent ( Plant ash, perlite, etc. ) To prevent melt oxidation of iron. Choose the appropriate pouring temperature, there are data points out: use the pouring temperature of 1300 ℃ above basically can prevent slag inclusion. 3, pay attention to remove a residue in the hot metal ladle, after spheroidizing, must be grilled slag for many times, in order to avoid the non-metallic inclusions in molten iron slag. 4, the design of gating system to make mold filling iron liquid smoothly. Gate section is increased 10% than gray cast iron 15%, to increase the casting speed, shorten the casting time. Additional, still can use the pouring system with better slag performance.
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