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by:XEX     2021-02-11
Nodular cast iron, light quality, strong shock resistance, will not appear there is any breakage phenomenon, is advantageous for the pipeline transportation.                     Ductile cast iron is iron alloy, has the corrosion resistance of steel, now live in the air, water, oil, etc are ductile iron pipes, after the nodular cast iron made of ductile iron pipes with asphalt coating, strengthened the ductility and corrosion resistance of nodular cast iron tube, can also through the special technique will increase the smoothness of the lining of the ductile iron pipe. In present water pipeline is the use of ductile iron pipes, capable of withstanding the impact of water, but also has good sealing, life had not used in the pipeline sealing effect, can let people to spend a lot of energy to leak detection, using ductile iron pipes don't have to worry about pipeline sealing effect after installation. Ductile iron pipes in the process of transporting oil, because the lining of the smooth and there will be no jam phenomenon. Ductile iron pipe has the toughness and abrasion resistance, therefore, in the ductile iron pipes without long-term exposure to the sun, can have a long & other; Throughout life &; 。 Nodular cast iron, has the toughness and wear resistance of long-term exposure to the sun, can have a long & other; Throughout life &; 。
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