The characteristics of the precision casting four shell making technology

by:XEX     2021-01-25
Precision casting industry at home and abroad, is widely used in the 4 kinds of shell making technology of sodium silicate shell respectively, composite shell, silica sol shell, silica sol shell. Next I will introduce the difference between them. 1 type sodium silicate shell the process at home for nearly 50 years of production history, after the precision casting industry colleagues and a half century of unremitting efforts, the application of sodium silicate shell technology and research has reached a very high level. Over the years due to the back layer shell of refractory improvement and popularization and application of new curing agent, sodium silicate shell strength have multiplied. Low cost, the shortest production cycle, high hulling performance and high permeability remains the advantages of less than any other type of shell process. 2 composite shell compared with sodium silicate shell, the casting surface quality are greatly improved, reduced the surface roughness and surface defects, repair rate decline. Can be applied to stainless steel, heat-resistant steel high alloy steel. Production cycle than low temperature wax - Silica sol shell much shorter, similar to sodium silicate shell. 3 silicon sol ( Low temperature wax) Shell the process accord with national conditions, in the casting more than 1 kg, especially large castings more than 5 kg, has more adaptability and superiority. Than composite shell stable quality, especially the casting dimension accuracy is high, because it has no water glass, shell type high temperature performance is good, in the 1000 - Shell permeability is high after 1200 ℃ calcination, creep resistant capability is strong, can be suitable for thin-walled parts, complex structure of small and medium-sized pieces, can produce weighing up to 50 - again 100 kg of parts, such as water pump, impeller and diversion shell, the pump body, valve body, valve plate, etc. For thin walled medium or big fork shell or carry shell can be used directly in front of the furnace casting, more can obtain high yield. Silica sol (4 Medium temperature wax) Shell which is general international casting production process, it has the highest casting quality, the lowest repair rate, particularly suitable for surface roughness requirement is high, high dimensional accuracy of the small and medium-sized pieces, small ( 2 - 1000克) 。 But due to the equipment and cost constraints, less applied to large ( 5 - 100kg) 。
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