The characteristics of the smelting electric furnace cooling water waste heat and the possibility of available

by:XEX     2021-02-17
A company's new factory be constructed castings' target='_blank'>precision casting workshop, machining workshop and bearing shell workshop, attached to various new workshop floor office set up air conditioning, the operation of the production workshop each post air conditioning air supply, and demand make the most of the new precision casting workshop air conditioning heat source smelting electric furnace cooling water waste heat. Selection of cold source of air conditioning system water cooled screw chiller. The heat source of air conditioning system in accordance with the requirements of the owner use of smelting electric furnace cooling water waste heat. Precision casting workshop in new design with 4 sets smelting electric furnace ( Eight furnace) 。 Through calculation, the newly built three workshops of air conditioning heat load and 3 sets of electric furnace ( Six furnace) With 3 sets of electric furnace cooling water of the residual heat, but the waste heat of water, the preparation of new winter workshop air conditioning heat medium. Use 1 sets of electric furnace ( 2 furnace) Cooling water waste heat, the preparation of a new precision casting workshop bathroom shower hot water, the water supply and drainage professional design, don't do here in detail. Above the melting furnace cooling water waste heat utilization system, built and put into operation for three year, through the understanding, use effect is good. Electric furnace cooling water waste heat characteristic of precision casting production line is continuous flow operation, in the assembly lines that begin smelting electric furnace, continuous work. Smelting electric furnace stable work, will produce a steady heat, the waste heat from the furnace cooling water to accept and transmission, and through the cooling tower of the cooling water system for electric furnace emissions to the atmosphere environment. Smelting electric furnace cooling water system, by the electric furnace supplier supporting design and construction, the electric furnace cooling water provided by the water temperature of 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, if the use of recycling of waste heat of plate heat exchanger, the secondary measurement of hot water temperature up to 45 ℃ to 50 ℃, visible, the recovery of waste heat is low heat.
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