The common problems in foundry casting, but carefully look good! - Foundry casting

by:XEX     2020-11-17
Foundry casting is the use of clay bonded sand molding materials production castings, although has a long history, but in the world's application scope is quite widespread, today to help you solve some will encounter problems in the process of foundry casting. 1, the foundry casting to remove impurities in copper dissolves? At that time we can through the study of the electrolysis of copper into the removal of impurities. 2, what reason causes finds a lot of stomata trachoma foundry casting process. A, foundry sand too wet outside, B, the lower the temperature of the hot metal, it's more confirmed the importance of the adjustment of the pouring temperature, casting speed C, some of the castings riser is too small, the feeding is not enough, so we in the design process to fully consider the exhaust system. Xin, Johnson was founded in 2012 on April 8, the transportation is convenient in: guangzhou, high-speed, high-speed Shen Hai, same highways as well. Factory workers casting mature technology strength our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting.
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