The common problems in the process of low pressure casting

by:XEX     2021-03-20
In the process of low pressure castings' target='_blank'>casting is widely used in metal processing. It plays a great role in China's modern industry. With the widely application of the low pressure casting in our country, its shortcomings are also exposed. The reason why the slag oxidation, oxidation slag is usually due to the burden of impurity, or in use process, the use of furnace charge too much, one reason also leads to slag oxidation in the low pressure casting process, namely the design of the casting. System is bad, it is not set when the filling mould. Second, the porosity and shrinkage porosity problem is the most common problems in the process of low pressure casting. This is usually caused by mold venting is not good. Mold spray coating system, cooling ring Settings, can produce porosity and shrinkage. 3. Cracks in the process of low pressure casting, it is very common. Mold design is not reasonable. Wall of the acute Angle and wall thickness difference will lead to crack. In order to eliminate the phenomenon of crack, it is necessary to improve mould structure design. Only the mould design is reasonable, is helpful to solve the problem. 。 The processing technology of low pressure casting technology in our country has been widely used. With the development of technology, the disadvantage of low pressure casting is more and more obvious. Only by analyzing the root of the problem, we can better solve the problem.
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