The commonly used fittings do you know?

by:XEX     2021-01-12
Hanland pipe directly introduce you to the commonly used pipe fittings such as diameter can be referred to as the 'direct' or 'beam section', usually when the pipeline is not long enough, to connect two pipes. Reducing directly, also called variable diameter directly, usually used in the joint of different pipe diameter pipe. Internal thread used to connect directly * * * * * *, water meter and other types of pipe fittings, pipe commonly used in the home. External thread directly plumbing installation that is commonly used in a connection pipe, the screw in the outside. External thread articulated a connection pipe, is commonly used in plumbing installation is usually the order valve, outside the direct, articulated, pipe. Internal thread articulated plumbing installation that is commonly used in a connection with fitting, the screw on the inside. Copper double articulated removable type connection, pipe connection of different materials, convenient and is not suitable for welding of pipe connection. Large arc bending reduce water resistance, reduce the impact of water to shed pair of tube wall, make more sufficient water pressure, water flow more smoothly. S elbow joint, pipeline installation in the process of climbing more smoothly, reduce joint in the pipe system and increase the water flow. 90 - degree Angle is also called the right-angle bend, usually used in water around the corner. 45 degrees of bend and right-angle bend, is also used in water around the corner. Female elbow when decorate too thick layer can be from the wall into the cupboard, bathroom cabinet, and Angle valves or stainless steel hose connection easily. Reducing the three general in three directions of different diameter pipe joint. Internal thread tee lengthened when decorate too thick layer can be from the wall into the cupboard, bathroom cabinet, and Angle valves or stainless steel hose connection easily. Internal thread u-shaped bend by U make hot water pipe connected to the return pipe zero distance, the shorter way to solve the problem of backwater. Are the three general in three directions of pipe joint. Reducing elbow, also called variable diameter elbow, usually used in the joint of different pipe diameter pipe. Male elbow in pipeline system, the thread Angle is change the direction of the line pipe fittings. The double internal thread elbow outlet branch connection is typically used for cold and hot bath water. Around the bend extension is also called the crooked curved, usually in two water pipes in the same plane intersection, without docking. At the tee by big radian design to reduce the flow resistance, flow increased by 20%, more quickly and smoothly. PP- R cut-off valve this type of valve is well suited for use as cut off or adjust and throttling. Internal thread tee for executives and branch pipe diameter of the pipe joint. Three-dimensional tee in perpendicular provide three-way pipe connection in the corner, reduce the solder joints, the hidden danger, increase the water flow, convenient installation. Bridge cross straight channel, water conveyance efficiency of 56%, without bending design, promote water run unobstructed, water wall can not chang. The check valve to prevent the reverse flow, pump and drive motor reversal; Can be installed in the water meter backend or water tank inlet. PP- R usually do double socket ball valve switch, cut off the flow direction of medium and change the use, only need to rotate 90 degrees and small torque can be closed, easy and convenient. PP- R dark valve used in a variety of line often switch valve, easier access to closed this line. Plug is often used to just finished water after transforming connect the outlet of the water meter before * * * * * * block, the leak is more reliable. Flat foot pipe clamp used in fixed tube, and fixed on the ground. Flat foot hold card for fixed tube, and fixed on the ground. Cap is also called the hard, water pipes installed to temporarily closed outlet, * * * * * * when loading. Pipe fittings are small, but contains a number of superb technology, city home pipeline force to bring users a higher standard, high quality pipe products, let the health, safety and life concept into every family! Xin er, is located in the large city in the middle of * * * * * * - Entrance of wuhan city west, hanchuan textile industrial park, is one of the professional manufacturer of ductile pipe fittings and spare parts. Company's main: hanland pipe fittings, ductile iron pipe fittings, ductile cast iron, ductile iron pipes in 2004, the company invested nearly ten million yuan has introduced new factories and new levels of domestic EPS a vacuum mold production line, has formed four thousand tons scale, can provide users with in accordance with ISO2531 standard brick and various types of DN100 - various interfaces DN800mm of more than 3000 kinds of products, can also according to customer's need to produce all kinds of non-standard pipe fittings and accessories, the company integrating scientific research, production and service, may at any time to provide technical advice and on-site service. Keyword: hanland fitting article source: http://www. hbtszz。 com/
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