The comparison of ductile pipe with polyethylene pipe

by:XEX     2021-01-04
Ductile pipe was compared with the polyethylene pipe 1, pipe resistance coefficient is small, do not scale, in the case of long-term use, save a lot of energy, has certain economic benefits; 2, short-term investment perspective, pipes, pipe fittings of PE pipe material cost is lower than the ductile iron pipes; PE tube light weight, reduce the labor intensity of construction personnel, and save the hoisting machinery, improving the construction efficiency, reduce the construction cost. In addition, PE pipe flexibility is big, can change with the terrain, and can be welding groove, welding have dedicated machines, not only to improve the construction speed, and trench earthwork volume is greatly reduced. In addition, polyethylene pipe system does not need to be expensive to anchor. 3, PE pipe installation is convenient, flexible, high efficiency, connection mode diversity, suitable for all kinds of engineering. 4, in a shallow depth of the case, when under dynamic load, the safety of PE pipe is better than that of nodular cast iron pipe; Because ductile iron pipes are rigid pipe, the local surface with load, the additional force most of the action on the tube, when the pipe deformation occurred repeatedly, or part of the section sinks gradually, under the flexible interface sealing inevitably affected, there is leakage hidden trouble. And PE pipe belongs to the flexible pipe, a local surface load, the force effect on the tube, pipe deformation of flexible, soil around pipe produced by the power, and make the load into the surrounding soil scattered on the ground, greatly reduces the force of pipe. And because of the hot melt welding interface strength is far greater than the tube itself, the effect of dynamic load the docking port will not affect the safety of the joint. So, in the case of unconventional shallow buried, PE pipe has higher security. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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