The comparison of gravity casting and foundry casting, finished second to understand - Gravity casting and foundry casting

by:XEX     2020-11-10
Gravity casting foundry casting equal production covers an area of about 100 ㎡ of about 500 ㎡ pouring temperature 950 degrees 1050 degrees copper consumption 2% 3% 6% - 8% sprue gate 4:1 ratio to the 5-1 2-1 to 1:1 quality casting wall thickness uniformity, high density of organization and internal and external surface is smooth, uniform appearance, fast finishing, high polishing efficiency. Casting is easy to slag, sand holes, loose, inside and outside surface is rough, overall dimensions, fine and work is slow, not accurate, polishing efficiency is low. Yield 92% - 98% ( No sand core yield higher) Rejection rate higher yield and the required number of 7 14 pollution condition of gravity casting required low pouring temperature, low pollution, low noise. Coal stove, the oil furnace in the smelting process of flue gas, pollution, noise operation situation of simple operation, short time to learn to fuck, require low technology, human consumption is small. Technical requirements, skilled manpower is used up big, high labor intensity. Cost accounting operations staff, less copper consumption is low, low rejection rate, small electricity which variations, electric power, 70 - 80 degrees /, simple calculation precision. High operating personnel, copper loss and high rejection rate of coal, oil price range is big, not easy to do accounting
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