The connecting way of ductile iron pipes have?

by:XEX     2020-11-27
The connecting way of ductile iron pipes have? Ductile iron pipe connection mode: no matter how big the inner and outer diameter of the pipe or fittings to, as long as the nominal diameter, can be connected to each other, and are interchangeable. ( 1) Steel pipe steel pipe interface connection method for screw thread interface, welding, moreover also has the flange interfaces and various flexible interface type. In the urban water supply engineering, small indoor water supply galvanized steel pipe generally USES threaded coupling. ( 2) Cast iron pipe connection methods commonly used casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe just type interface and flexible interface. Rigid interface: oil asbestos cement interface, rubber ring expansion concrete interface. The flexible interface: aprons asbestos cement interface. ( Ball iron pipe adopt flexible interface) Just half the flexible interface: hemp - Lead interface. ( 3) Pvc-u water supply pipe plastic pipe connection method can be used in a rubber ring interface, bonding interface, such as flange connection type. The most commonly used is the rubber ring and bonding connection, rubber ring interface is suitable for the pipe diameter is 63 - 315 mm pipe connection; Bonding interface is only applicable to pipe diameter less than 160 mm pipe connection; Flange connection are used for pvc-u pipe with pipe valve parts, such as cast iron pipe etc. High density polyethylene plastic pipe can be used hot melt connection. Polyethylene pipe and metal pipe connection, the use of steel-plastic transition joint connection. (1) rubber ring connection will rubber ring properly installed in undertake the rubber ring groove of mouth, shall not be put wrong or distorted, in order to convenient installation can be soaked with water first aprons, but not a lubricant on rubber ring installation, to prevent the rubber ring will launch in the interface. (2) adhesive bonding interface connection socket type suitable for UPVC pipe, not suitable for high density polyethylene plastic pipe. Pipe adhesive advantage is: high connection strength, strict leakage, do not need special tools, construction rapidly. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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