The design of the cast iron pipes need to be modified

by:XEX     2020-11-03
The burial depth of the pipe should be according to the degree of freezing, internal factors such as load and pipeline crossing. Buried deep in the frozen line the following 0. 2 m, and satisfy the following conditions: when the pipe diameter greater than 100 mm, tube top minimum buried deeply 1. 20m; Design of the bottom of the channel width is commonly with pipe diameter 0. 5 m, according to the situation of soil excavation slope ( A) Ductile iron pipes and other pipes are the same, the water head loss for HF = & lambda; Dv22G, the only difference is that & lambda; ( Hydraulic friction coefficient) , the head loss according to the local resistance loss of the original cast iron pipe is calculated. The emergence of ductile iron pipes to the water supply industry in our country provides a good performance of new type of tubing. For ductile iron pipes get better application in the engineering, design and construction personnel should be familiar with the characteristics of the ductile iron pipes, find problems and solve them constantly, make a design more reasonable, more standardized construction, the new pipe in water supply project has played a greater role.
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