The detailed installation method of the ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2020-11-28
After digging ditches to remove obstacles and leveling the ground. Then place the nodular cast iron tubes according to design requirements, and take the corresponding security protection measures, to prevent the pipe fall off. 2 installed in sand mat layer after laying on the tube, according to the actual length of the trench drain along the pipe, mining pit interface work, to ensure that the global stability of the pipe body above the sand cushion. As shown in the figure below, T tube working pit; Install 3 3 T GuanCheng plug-in interface. 1 on the mounting surface, lowering pipeline according to the design using observers and level on the mounting surface. Groove should be neat and tidy, pipe shall not be placed on bottom stone convex. Generally speaking, in the direction of flow should be from socket to socket, but when the slope is small, socket should be upward, installation shall be carried out from bottom to top. Try to avoid from socket installation to the socket. Pipeline ditch, should avoid collisions with groove and trench wall thick. 3. 2 socket disinfection disinfection with brush and clean dishcloth external socket, as shown in figure 5. Especially the position of the rubber seal. Don't leave the paint, clay, sand, water and other residue.
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