The development prospect of the precision casting

by:XEX     2020-11-20
Precision casting is made of fusion materials melting model. There are some special refractory coating coating on it. After drying and hardening the shell, the model by steam or hot water melting from housing. Then put shell in a sandbox, and fill in the surrounding dry sand. Finally, the mold in the mold. Roaster calcined at high temperature, roasting mold or shell, and the molten metal in calciner for casting. Revestment precision casting precision and complexity, close to the final shape of parts. It can be used directly for processing or processing. It is an advanced near net formation technology. It is an excellent technology, casting industry application is very broad. It is not only applicable to various types and various alloy casting, and can also be applied to casting dimension precision, surface quality is higher than other casting method, even other casting method is difficult to casting, casting can be precision casting foundry. Right now, the investment casting technology development is rapid, wide application. From the point of the current situation, future trend of this technology is more and more close to casting products components. The traditional precision casting as a blank, only don't adapt to the market fast strain. The complexity of the components and more and more high quality, research and development is becoming more and more strong. Professional cooperation is beginning to emerge. The application of CAD, CAM, CAE has become the main components of product development technology. From the analysis of the current development situation, the investment casting technology has been widely used, its future development prospect will be broader.
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