The efficiency of stainless steel precision casting production

by:XEX     2021-03-08
Stainless steel precision casting casting process is mainly in the process of casting material to a method of high temperature melting cast into products, actually production is more complex, but at the time of processing are needed a machine so it is easy. In the process of production mainly by changing some parameters to achieve the purpose of casting, from the atmosphere of the melt, melt temperature and cooling conditions to ensure the production efficiency, etc. , but in the process of cooling will often because temperature problem is hollow inside the product, we call it shrinkage cavity. But at the moment of fused cast will have a fixed equipment, we can be achieved by adjusting the conditions you need, so now the production of castings is very good. Stainless steel casting processing precision casting, it is to point to by the performance of the stainless steel casting processing of stainless steel precision casting processing cutting, folding, bending, welding and other mechanical processing, finally be needed for the industrial production process of stainless steel casting products processing, in the process of stainless steel casting processing precision casting needed a large machine tools, instruments, the stainless steel casting processing equipment. Xin er, introduce for you, in the process of stainless steel precision casting processing precision casting what problem should note, specific as follows: 1. After hot rolling, annealing, pickling and descaling process of the surface of the steel plate is a dull surface, a bit rough, do not think that is damaged. 2. After cold rolling, annealing, descaling and finally with the hair side roller rolling gently, this is the most commonly used in the application of construction, in addition to using polishing roll after annealing and descaling finally a mild cold rolling, the other process is the same as 2 d surface slightly, can undertake polishing treatment; Bright annealing: this is a reflective surface, after polishing roller rolling and final annealing in a controlled atmosphere. Bright annealing still maintain its reflecting surface, and does not produce scale. As bright annealing does not occur in the process of oxidation reaction, therefore, do not need to pickling and passivation. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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