The elements of precision casting processing

by:XEX     2021-01-22
( 1) The influence of the precision casting processing structure: a. Casting wall thickness, big reduction ratio, thin wall castings, small reduction ratio. B。 Lower rate high, prevent the lower rate. ( 2) Casting material: the influence of the carbon content is higher, the line rate is smaller, the decreasing of the carbon content, the lower the rate, the greater the line. b。 Material casting shortening rate is as follows: casting shorten the ratio k = ( lm - LJ) / ljx100 %, lm is cavity standard, LJ is standard casting. K is influenced by the following factors: the wax models K1, K2, alloy casting structure variety K3, K4 pouring temperature. ( 3) Mold production of precision casting processing element linear shortening rate: the influence of casting wax wax temperature, pressure, the influence of the holding time of molten mould standard is one of the most obvious wax temperature, followed by the wax injection. After the pressure, to ensure the casting molding time, ensures that all, the influence of the standard is very small. Wax ( Die) Material line shortening rate is about 0. 9 - 1. 1%. c。 Melting model store, will further reduce, reduce about 10% of the total value, but when stored for 12 hours, standards of fusion model is stable. d。 Wax models of radial shortening rate just shorten rate $number length direction, wax temperature's influence on the leisure shorten rate far outweigh the shortening of blocking rate ( Best wax temperature of 57 - 59 ℃, the higher the temperature, the greater the reduction amount. ( 4) The influence of the housing data: select zircon sand, zircon powder, sanding, spread powder, because of its small expansion coefficient, only 4. 6 x10 - 6 / ℃, so can be neglected. ( 5) Shell roasting effect: as the shell of the small expansion coefficient, when the shell temperature of 1150 ℃, only 0. 053%, thus can be neglected. ( 6) The influence of pouring temperature, the higher the pouring temperature, shorten the rate, the greater the pouring temperature is lower, the smaller the reduced rate, pouring temperature, the more appropriate. Investment casting is made of some special design of the refractory coating fusible materials. Precision casting processing after drying and hardening form a monolithic shell, the model by steam or hot water melting from the shell, shell on the sand box, and then in a nearby dry sand filling, the last will die in the roaster baking at high temperature, casting or shell was roasted, molten metal is poured into the casting. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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